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How might we make Sanoma the pioneer in modern digital primary education.

Bingel is a collection of digital educational tools created by Sanoma Learning and used by schools around Europe including Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden and Poland. The tools aim to provide a better learning and teaching experience. They provide online exercises, books, games etc. for the pupils and digital boards, lesson preparation, planning and student care for teachers (it's even more than that).

Bingel Island is the environment where students can do exercises and that's going to be the focus point of this case.


The traditional publishing and educational companies tend to have a decent amount of legacy and  a conservative leaning management style. While for many years there weren't many challengers, we see competitors on a clear path towards digital innovation.


The challenge of this project consists of 2 parts:

  • how might we improve that traditional corporate image that is reflected in the tools
  • how might we create a mobile experience that is enjoyable and educational for kids

So, basically: how might we create a great educational experience for kids in current times.

My role

  • Design & Project lead (in charge of process, progress and delivery of the designed prototype)
  • UX Designer (branding research. user research. market research.)
  • UI Designer (mobile design in Sketch)
  • Prototyper (Invision)

How might we create a great educational experience for kids in current times.


  1. user research: what makes a digital product valuable for kids
  2. competitor and market analysis: which tools and brands deliver great experiences in the industry or other industries
  3. branding research: how does a great brand look like in the educational space for kids
  4. branding exercises: try out different approaches how the mobile experience could be
  5. exercise flow: design and prototype the exercising flow (core user flow)
  6. home screen: design and prototype how the new look translates to the overall experience
  7. exercise types: design templates for the different exercise types

This was my last project I initiated at Sanoma, so I already left the company by the time I wanted to initiate user testing and concept validation.

User research

Creating digital experiences and solutions for kids is  a little different than your average project. Although each set of persona's has it's specific needs and wants. Designing for kids creates an additional set of things to consider. In my research I've found these insights most useful.

Fine motor skills are in full development

While designing components appropriate for touch interactions is already an industry standard, this is especially important for kids. While their fine motor skills are in full development, it's important to have even bigger targets that the kids can easily interact with.

Kids grow up fast

Every 2 years of the kid's personal development they take big leaps in their cognitive and physical abilities. It's important to consider that their needs and goals also change in that context. What might work for a 6 year old will likely not work for a 12 year old and vice versa. Be smart with gestures, exercise difficulty, storytelling format etc.

Design for exploration and challenges

Kids are explorers and prefer a decent challenge. That means that the journey shouldn't be entirely scripted and allow for the kids to travel their own path. Regardless of age, kids love a good challenge that keeps them engaged.

Design for focus and attention

Due to their imagination and adventurous mindset, kids can get easily distracted, so it's important to create a fun and engaging experience. That includes sounds, animation, colour, simplicity, interaction, feedback etc.

Branding & mobile concepts

To avoid having to go through a lengthy UX Design case, I'm going straight into the explored concepts and demonstrate where I feel the current experience has major pain-points and how I would improve on those.

Branding & UI design

Login / Home / Island

Exercise flow (Bingel Island)

The core flow of the Island app is making exercises. Think Duolingo, but for primary education. The major pain-point is that a mobile experience simply doesn't exist. So, considering the learnings from before I've made the follow flow.

Learnings refresher

  • big touch targets
  • sound & visual
  • feedback everywhere
  • focus & engagement
  • challenging exercises

Exercise templates

There are lot's of templates to be considered when designing the exercise experience. With a broad spectrum of disciplines, each exercise requires a specific exercise mechanism.

Single input
Multiple input
Tiles and drag&drop

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