A more human banking experience
Belfius application

A more human banking experience

Belfius application
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A study and UX improvements case of the Belfius mobile app

View Prototype here.

Side-note: Of course, I do realize Belfius has it's brand guidelines, design system with it's tokens, styles etc. that I didn't fully implement in the prototype. But the prototype is to illustrate the UX improvements of some (key) pain-points during my exploration of the demo app. Therefore I added my (UI) design vision to the prototype as well. Although I feel like a few (important) branding changes might really help elevate the product and brand itself.

Improvement 1: better guidance of the user during fresh-install flow (& a bit of branding clean up)

Potential issues

  • logo position sticks too close to the top
  • image and logo have bad contrast (light on light)
  • image feels very stock-photo like, not in the good Unsplash-way ;)
  • no context of app features and use (no clear titles, microcopy and call-to-actions)
  • no shortcut for login (maybe that's deliberate?)

extra remarks:

  • no english option in language selector?
  • is the selector necessary? (leverage device functionality)


  • strong visual identity with prominent logo, colours and custom shapes
  • clear screen title to capture the simplicity and purpose of the app
  • a carrousel with ux copy that teaches the user how they can be empowered by using the app

Improvement 2: a better money transfer flow


  • user is forced to manually go through to the flow without hints
  • I only discovered the swiping gesture after several test runs
  • tabs mechanism isn't appropriate for a payment flow
  • a lot of manual work for a simple transaction
  • no recap / overview of all details
  • error handling is probably a mess with the different tabs


  • merge flow on a single screen to keep a clear overview of the payment
  • avoid text heavy form fields
  • work with search suggestions instead, don't show the address fields by default
  • work with shortlist of contacts
  • add colour contrast to improve readability (icons and text for example)
  • avoid showing numeric keyboard in combination with contact suggestions due to limited screen estate

Improvement 3: dashboard that focusses on timely content and actions


  • dashboard shows amounts, accounts, cards, savings, pension, investments, communication etc. and is very text heavy. This creates a wall of un-prioritized content and doesn't allow a quick overview of important information and key actions.
  • by showing all these data, a lot of personal data is shown at once. not great for privacy concerns perhaps
  • the FAB includes too many actions. the power of this button is in it's simplicity and priority-based action. Now there is too much and even includes actions you've already seen on the overview (sign, zoomit)


  • show current balance as starting point
  • feed-based history of account
  • add search to find transactions
  • add extensive search options to find old records as well
  • add useful information if available: location etc.
  • implement notification system for important updates that cannot get lost in dashboard feed
  • important messages and required actions are sticky in the notification screen and get extra visual attention
  • swipe between accounts to get quick access to other balances and feed
Overview / dashboard

Improvement 4: more accessible and transparent communication center

In the current mobile app there's no dedicated space for messages and updates that require the user's attention. Actions (sign a document, manage a document) and general information are merged together on the Overview screen and therefore lacks some structure, hierarchy and priority. I would suggest creating a notification space to separate the important from the general. Highlight actions that need attention and provide a space for corporate communication that is relevant to the user: spending trends, stock updates, business suggestions etc.

Other ideas and suggestions (if not already in the app / roadmap)

  • Overview has an horizontal action-based content bar (shortcuts, call-to-actions etc.) and a feed as a secondary element
  • Home screen with shortcuts above feed
  • add budgeting limits (as seen on the home screen "€ 1.202 left to spend")
  • add bill-splitting option for transfers
  • add money-saving and making intelligence based on spendings, data and preferences
  • suggest better supermarket based on market spendings, suggest buying stocks from a company the person shows interest in (via transfer data etc.)
  • add crypto management options
  • add a piggy-bank (automatic rounding up of transfers eg.)
  • add rewards, offers and loyalty bonuses (real ones, useful ones)
  • add payment cashbacks (eg.: Revolut banking app)
  • fix the app icon, please


While trying out the demo application I felt lost on the opening screen due to the weird language selection screen, the lack of guidance, clear titles, micro-copy and call-to-actions to start my banking journey. Besides that the branding (imagery and logo in this instance) felt clunky, outdated and creatively underwhelming (cheap looking photo, low contrast between logo and photo etc.)

The home / overview screen felt text-heavy and lacked priority and visual hierarchy. The FAB button had 7 different call-to-actions and even had double-shown functionality that was on the Overview (sign and zoomit).

Although I know the applications have had their great successes so far, I still feel there is a big opportunity in making the apps more human. More fun to use (clean design, micro interactions, animations, illustrations etc.). More time and location-based. More proactive. More helping and supporting. Smarter and more future-driven. More clear and simplified. More personal.

Digital-first/only startups are banking (no pun intended) on clean and easy/fun to use designs to make a dent in the market. It's a well-established bank's opportunity to bring their experience and thrust-worthiness into creating a better (digital) banking experience by also adding that same edge. An experienced future-driven banking experience. Reliable and fun.

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